SIwave for PI Workshop

Electrical and Thermal Reliability Analysis of a Printed Circuit Board with ANSYS SIwave Hands-On Workshop

2019년 4월 25일

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (PDT)


2645 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

Verly Flores

Join ANSYS for a free hands-on “Lunch & Learn” workshop focusing on the fundamentals of simulating a printed circuit board (PCB) to determine the power integrity and thermal performance of PCB power distribution networks. Accurately solving these physics is key to optimizing power delivery to critical ICs and ensure reliability.

Learn the latest techniques on how to apply field solvers to analyze DC IR Drop include Multiphase VRM and Temperature effects, High-Frequency Plane Impedance, Resonant Modes, and Decoupling Capacitor Optimization.

The hands-on exercises will demonstrate how to:

  • Perform a DC IR Drop simulation on a PCB using SIwave
  • Perform a Thermal simulation using Icepak
  • Perform High-Frequency Power Integrity simulation on a PCB using SIwave

Please register early to reserve your spot. Lunch will be provided.