Summer 2016


Dimensions — Summer 2016

Companies must rapidly adapt to our evolving connected world. The Internet of Things with its devices, networks, sensors and data is now a vital part of the business environment. In this issue of Dimensions, corporate leaders and executives provide insight into opportunities provided by the Internet of Things. In addition, Red Bull Racing explores how teamwork leads to winning in Formula 1 racing, a Corneglia executive presents his solution to powering innovation and Jim Cashman of ANSYS describes the endless possibilities to develop better products through simulation.

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Featured Stories

  • Product Design Challenges Drive Simulation Evolution

    ANSYS CEO Jim Cashman believes in the endless possibilities to help customers develop better products through simulation.
  • High-Performance Computing: A Catalyst for Change

    The Chief Technical Officer for the HPC Ecosystem at Intel offers practical advice for executives who want to begin investing in HPC or amplify their current efforts.
  • The Industrial IoT: Capturing the Potential

    In an interview, Ravi Thummarukudy of Mobiveil discusses why companies have been slow to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things, and the opportunities that await them once they do.
  • Sensing the Future

    Tim Saxe, CTO of QuickLogic, describes how most businesses are overlooking the strategic value of sensors to generate insights on product performance, customer needs and other key strategic considerations.
  • Revving Up Product Development

    Automotive supplier Cornaglia Group completely transformed the product development function at this relatively small 100-year-old company while also reducing overall development costs by 24 percent.

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