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Best of Healthcare

Best of Healthcare

As healthcare organizations seek profitability, they embrace simulation tools and methodologies not just to speed development but to ensure extreme product safety and reliability — a goal of 100 percent efficacy. Computer modeling and simulation (in silico testing) are revolutionizing the field: The methodology provides valuable insights upfront, bringing earlier product launch and greater return on investment through reduced reliance on animal studies and bench testing. Innovative companies are now leveraging simulation as a gateway to personalized medicine. This special issue of ANSYS Advantage features leading organizations that have leveraged simulation across a wide range of applications to improve quality of life.


    Model Healthcare for All

    The unacceptably high cost of healthcare calls for new technologies to make medicine more accessible and affordable as well as to face the challenges of an aging population.

    Simulation for Regulation

    The Medical Device Innovation Consortium advances the use of simulation in the development and regulation of medical devices.

    Innovative at Heart

    Healthcare company Cardiatis is changing the way employees at all levels of the organization use specialized technology that is traditionally associated with product-development engineering.

    Change of Heart

    A new heart valve replacement procedure modeled with multiphysics simulation could eliminate the need for open-heart surgery.

    Cut to the Bone

    Simulation reduces surgery duration and patient risk in treating infants with skull disorders.
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    인공고관절 결합

    ANSYS 시뮬레이션을 통해 뼈와 최상으로 결합되는 인공고관절의 위치를 결정할 수 있습니다.

    Wearing a Wire

    Simulation helps to optimize body-worn wireless devices for an emerging class of applications.

    Charged Up

    Medtronic ensures the safety of recharging subcutaneous medical devices through simulation.

    I Hear You

    Simulation improves hearing aid performance while saving time and money by quickly iterating through design alternatives.

    Heart to Heart

    Multiphysics systems simulation leads to better understanding of a smaller artificial heart design.

    Taming the Cost of Respiratory Drug Development

    Computer modeling and simulation help researchers to better visualize pulmonary functions for faster, less expensive clinical testing of innovative respiratory drugs.

    Punching Out a Better Tablet

    Analysis helps to prevent dietary supplements from being too big to swallow.

    The Right Mix

    CFD simulation saves time and money by validating the ability of a single-use mixer design to scale to 5,000 liters.

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