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Preventing Surgical Site Infections in Modern Operating Rooms

“The solution to pollution is dilution” has long been the standard philosophy when it comes to cleanroom applications of HVAC equipment. However, preventing surgical site infections (SSIs) in modern operating rooms is often associated with ensuring laminar downwash of air over the patient on the operating table. While some research indicates that laminar flow is indeed the answer, other works contraindicate this finding, concluding that laminar airflows are no more or less effective than dilution methods in preventing SSIs. Using Ansys CFD, Nortek Air Solutions has been able to demonstrate that their Cleansuite products meet both laminar downwash and dilution design requirements, ensuring that operating rooms fitted with Nortek cleanroom products are as safe as possible for patients.

View this webinar and learn how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can help to optimize airflow in the operating room and prevent surgical site infections (SSIs). Concrete examples as well as the benefits of this innovative modeling approach will be discussed.





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