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Better Define Software Requirements with Model-Based Systems Engineering, Functional Safety Analysis and Control Tuning

Maintaining optimum environmental conditions inside today’s commercial aircraft is a matter of safety for both the flight crew and passengers. The Cabin Pressure Control System (CPCS) is an avionics system designed to minimize the rate of change of cabin pressure. The purpose of the CPCS is to ensure the safety of the airframe and passengers while maximizing comfort for aircrew and passengers during all phases of flight. Many considerations and conditions must be accounted for when designing CPCS systems and applications, making it a complex task with a variety of engineering disciplines involved.

View this on-demand webinar and learn how Ansys provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for designing, validating and deploying these complex applications, including:

  • Defining the requirements of the systems.
  • Designing the embedded system architecture.
  • Completing functional safety analysis on the system.
  • Designing the control laws that govern the system.
  • Developing the embedded control software that dictates the actions of the systems.
  • Building and validating a digital twin of the CPCS.

This on-demand webinar will include a comprehensive demonstration of these capabilities.




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