ANSYS AIM Design Engineering

エンジニアのためのシミュレーションソフトウェア、ANSYS Discovery AIM

AANSYS Discovery AIMは、あらゆるエンジニア向けに特別に設計された、初の包括的な統合型マルチフィジックスシミュレーション環境です。この技術によって、設計エンジニアは、単一、複数、およびマルチフィジックスシミュレーションを実行しやすくなり、製品の設計時に、ANSYSの広範な物理モデルを活用できるようになりました。 ANSYS Discovery AIMは、ANSYS Workbenchの戦略をさらに具体化したものであり、シミュレーション主導の製品開発(Simulation Driven Product Development)によって、エンジニアリングプロセスに大きな変革をもたらします。

インタラクティブなシミュレーションを実現するANSYS Discovery Live


Guided Simulation Workflows

Intuitive workflows and guided templates make it easy to incorporate simulation

ANSYS Discover AIM - Guided Simulation Capabilities
Physics Aware Meshing

Based on the physics study of interest, meshes are automatically refined at critical areas such as boundary conditions and contact surfaces

ANSYS Discover AIM - Physics Aware Meshing
Proven Simulation Technology

Wide breadth of physics capabilities and high solution accuracy for all designer level simulations

ANSYS Discover AIM - Proven Simulation Technology
Robust Design Optimization

ANSYS DesignXplorer within AIM will rapidly vary design parameters to explore design spaces and thoroughly evaluate multiple design variations

ANSYS Discover AIM - Robust Design Optimization
Flexible Custom Applications

Create replayable user-defined templates to incorporate best engineering practices into your simulation processes

ANSYS Discover AIM - Flexible Custom Applications
Interoperability for Engineering Collaboration

Built for collaboration and using the same ANSYS solver technology as ANSYS CFD and ANSYS Mechanical

ANSYS Discover AIM - Interoperability Engineering Collaboration

See how our customers are using our software:

Klubert & Schmidt GmbH

Taking Off the Brakes to Product Development

Using AIM made moving from CAD-centric design to the world of high-fidelity simulation easy for designers at a leading automotive and marine supplier. Access to multiphysics tools has reduced costs, improved productivity and provided insights that were previously unavailable.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design Simulation

ANSYS AIM Streamlines Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design

Optimizing the design of a shell and tube heat exchanger is a challenge that requires you to understand fluid flow, heat transfer from the fluid into the mechanical structure, and thermal stress and deflection. AIM streamlines heat exchanger design by simplifying all of the steps involved from geometry creation to results.

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