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Autonomous Software Development

Develop, validate and auto-generate autonomous vehicle embedded software that complies with key standards, including ISO 26262 ASIL D, DO-178C and others.


Accelerate Embedded Software Development and Validation

Ansys model-based solutions accelerate autonomous vehicle and ADAS features software design and validation at the very earliest stages of AD development, and offer the auto-generation of certified/qualified code, that complies with industry standards including ISO 26262 ASIL D, DO-178C and others.

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle software development and validation capability that spans:

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    Model-Based Development
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    Planning and Control
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    Software Integration
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    Automatic Code Generation

Developing ADAS Features

Software Development and Validation

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System Architecture

The development of embedded software for AD systems begins by creating an architecture model of the automated driving system in Ansys SCADE. This intuitive modeling tool generates a system-level architectural model that graphically shows the main function blocks for the AD system.

Software Integration

Ansys closed loop simulator solution, with APIs and middleware, enables auto-generation of safety-certified code that is target compatible for RTOS integration.

Model-based Software Development

SCADE model-based software solutions answer this pressing need for AD developers. From designing control systems to automatic code generation for industry standards such as ISO 26262 and DO-178C.

SiL, HiL and DiL Verification

SCADE and the Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR support all testing and verification activities for the AD embedded software model.

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Predicting Autonomous Vehicle Actions During Design

In the growing world of autonomous vehicles, solutions for safe component design, safety analysis, software development and simulation all come relatively new. Ansys employs a suite of options for determining the best practice during design, testing and validation.

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Achieving Safe Embedded Software

As automakers seek to increase their vehicles’ automated driving (AD) capabilities, embedded software plays a greater role in delivering autonomous functionality, safely and reliably, every time.


A Comprehensive Solution for the Design and Validation of Autonomous Vehicles

Learn more about Ansys Autonomy, including solutions for sensor development, functional safety analysis, embedded software development and SiL, HiL and DiL validation


Fast-tracking Safe Autonomous Vehicles

In the race to create the latest self-driving car, drone or mobile autonomous robot, demonstrating compliance with safety requirements proves essential. When physical testing is impractical, turn to simulation. Learn how Ansys is building a best-in-class comprehensive solution. 


Developing Safe Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

Building advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that comply with the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) requires a complete product lifecycle process and deep knowledge of the entire automotive system, not just the safety-critical components


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Achieving Complex L2+ ADAS Software Features with Safe Embedded Software

This webinar will demonstrate how a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in, automatic ISO 26262-certified code generator and AUTOSAR compliance can facilitate the development of these complex technologies.

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Reach the Highest ISO 26262 ASIL Levels with Ansys SCADE Solutions for Automotive Embedded Software

This webinar will demonstrate how a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in automatic code generator can accelerate embedded software development projects. The latest Ansys SCADE innovations, part of Ansys Autonomy, allow for even more development optimization and reduce automotive embedded software verification costs while meeting the objectives of ISO 26262 at the highest ASIL levels. With SCADE you can:

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Ansys Autonomy: Automating Embedded Planning and Controls via Model-based Software Solutions

Higher levels of autonomy are requiring OEMs and their suppliers to adapt to the latest technologies as quickly as possible and to understand and transition to a new type of decision-making — from the human to the machine. However, in this world of disruptive innovation, two key concepts lag: demonstrating safety and development efficiency. 

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Autonomous Cars to Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Ansys is the exclusive simulation sponsor of a two-year, $1 million prize competition that will culminate in a head-to-head, high-speed autonomous vehicle (AV) race on Oct. 23, 2021, around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s famed 2.5-mile oval, which also plays host annually to the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge, the largest single-day sporting event in the world.


Autonomy on Roadways and Railways

The success of autonomous vehicles depends on both changes in the vehicles themselves and the transportation infrastructure. Autodrive is developing technology that uses plastic code markers on roads and rail tracks to precisely locate a vehicle. Such precision can increase the safety and the traffic capacity of infrastructures and reduce energy consumption on railways.


In the Loop: DLR

Vehicle automation and advanced driving assistance systems are being streamlined using Ansys SCADE capabilities.


SkyAngels and Ansys

Ansys simulation assists SkyAngels in developing computational intelligence for autonomous aerial vehicles, aimed at navigating in non-segregated airspace in a predetermined certification path. This represents software engineering challenges related to adaptability and learning requirements specification and verification, algorithms convergence, deterministic behavior, absence of emergent comportments and resistance to cyberattacks. 


White Paper

Achieving Safe Embedded Software

As automakers seek to increase their vehicles’ automated driving (AD) capabilities, embedded software plays a greater role in delivering autonomous functionality, safely and reliably, every time.




Racing's History of Innovation Expands to Autonomous Cars

The exciting world of race cars and day-to-day driving have shared a long-standing symbiotic relationship. The innovations on the track translate directly into innovations on the highway.


Meet the Autonomous Vehicle Development 10x Complexity Challenge

Talk of fully autonomous vehicles is no longer new, even if progress might not be as fast as some early projections suggested. Despite this, investment in the development of more sophisticated, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) on the journey to full autonomy continues at pace around the globe.



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