Concept Modeling: Design Exploration for Every Engineer


11:00 AM (EDT)

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This webinar will describe how ANSYS Discovery is replacing traditional CAD technologies with direct editing and a modern UI that is fast, easy and intuitive to learn. Discovery can import, repair and modify files from any CAD system, including the native CAD files or the generic files used to share models; it can even combine files from different sources to quickly generate new concepts. Don’t have a CAD file or not sure where to start from scratch? Import laser/light scans of 3D parts or even 2D pictures and create innovative designs. Not sure how your model is going to perform? Discovery’s instantaneous simulation provides real-time engineering insight so you can test its performance virtually without waiting for results.

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私は、ANSYSおよび関連パートナーからの最新情報およびその他の案内の受信を希望します。私は、いつでも配信を停止することができます。ANSYS Privacy Notice