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Efficient Designs using ANSYS Topology & Lattice Optimization - Tips & Tricks


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

Customer Only Webinar, Login Required


ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team


Recent improvements in additive manufacturing technology have opened up the possibilities to manufacture intricate optimized structures which are often difficult to produce using conventional manufacturing methods. Topology optimization, a physics driven optimization methodology, improves the efficiency of a design by removing material based on the finite element response. This webinar will focus on the different capabilities of the ANSYS topology and lattice optimization solvers as well as discuss the clean-up and validation of the optimized design.


  • Introduction and theory behind topology optimization
  • Geometry cleanup and the way back to CAD
  • Lattice optimization
  • Validating the optimized part
  • Combined static and dynamic optimization
  • Software specific tips and newer features
  • Q&A

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Presenter Bio

Sandeep Medikonda, Technical Support Engineer

Sandeep Medikonda is a member of the NA Technical Support Team and provides support for a wide range of Mechanical products, covering tools in Additive Manufacturing, Topology Optimization and Explicit Dynamics. He has a a Ph.D in Mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati and Masters from the Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago.

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私は、ANSYSおよび関連パートナーからの最新情報およびその他の案内の受信を希望します。私は、いつでも配信を停止することができます。ANSYS Privacy Notice