ANSYS Advantage - Oil & Gas Issue, 2015

ANSYS Advantage - Oil & Gas Issue, 2015

Special Issue: Oil and Gas

Challenges in the oil and gas industry can be simply summed up as using technology to overcome risks related to finding and producing resources at reasonable cost. The industry is experiencing tremendous pressures due to a recent drop in prices. At the same time, advancements in seismic technology used in exploration have been critical in finding hydrocarbons in all types of formations. Now the challenge is to develop these fields in a safe, reliable, sustainable way. The industry must invest in developing new technologies to reduce cost and ensure profitability while meeting increasing regulatory requirements and can learn from best practices in other industries to increase the pace of innovation.

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    Conquering Engineering Challenges

    Successful companies in every industry manage operating costs through engineering productivity, global collaboration and increased product reliability.

    Multiphysics: The Future of Simulation

    As part of its comprehensive set of solutions for engineering simulation, ANSYS introduces new technology developments that make multiphysics simulations faster, more seamless and higher fidelity — as well as more accessible than ever.

    In the Trenches

    Structural and fluids simulation help to optimize a subsea trenching vehicle to improve fluid performance efficiency by 26 percent and maintain robustness.

    Engineering the Internet of Things

    Our world is more connected than ever, thanks to the growing web of visible and unseen electronics that surround us every day. ANSYS provides the comprehensive suite of simulation software to reliably and cost-effectively engineer high-performance electronic devices and systems.

    Gallery: Oil and Gas Industry Applications

    Around the world, oil and gas companies require best-in-class technology to maintain profitabiliy, reliability and safety.

    Robust Electric Machine Design Through Multiphysics

    Electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal simulation plus design optimization help to improve energy efficiency, noise and bearing life of robust electric motors.

    Power for A Sustainable Future

    Simulation helps to improve productivity, performance and engineering innovation at a PTT gas separation plant.


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