Quality and Reliability

Vehicle companies are constantly wary about major quality assurance and vehicle safety issues identified late in the development cycle or, even worse, after the vehicles have been manufactured and sold. These situations require either last-minute costly fixes or expensive warranty recalls.

Getting product design right upfront calls for virtual exploration of design alternatives from many different angles, involving variations in manufacturing and operating conditions.

ANSYS simulation software enables vehicle engineers to achieve quality assurance and vehicle safety by exploring these variations with speed and confidence. With ANSYS’ Multiphysics solutions, products can be virtually tested under real-world operating conditions that typically involve simultaneous, multiple physical loads.

Persistent parameterized simulation workflow and design exploration tools from ANSYS enable fast study of a wide design space to uncover potential failure modes and quality issues.

ANSYS’ high-performance computing tools allow large design exploration studies in short time frames, while adjoint solvers and topology optimization tools enable engineers to make designs robust from the start.