Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Strong customer demand and governmental push for higher mileage, greener vehicles means that car and truck makers have to develop and deploy electric vehicle and hybrid technology. Companies that bring more fuel efficient, less expensive hybrid and electric vehicles to market faster will dominate the future automotive business.

Density Contours

Current density contours on an IGBT

Vehicle manufacturers are making rapid advances in hybrid technology by reducing battery cost and increasing life, eliminating battery catastrophic failure modes, making the traction motor highly efficient, minimizing reliance on rare earth elements, meeting EMI–EMC regulations, and developing fuel cells.

Temperature Distribution

Temperature distribution in a battery module

ANSYS automotive simulation tools and best practices of integrated multiphysics, multi-scale platform model hybrid technology aspects such as batteries, fuel cells, motors, power electronics, and controllers, from end-to-end, using in-depth models/sub-models, with precision and accuracy. The solution includes reduced-order methods (ROMs) that enable effects of a subcomponent to be represented within an assembly without loss of accuracy.