High-Performance Fuel Cell Development

Our comprehensive solution for fuel cell development applies to PEMFC and SOFC. The solution enables you to optimize individual cells as well as the complete stack along with the fuel cell supply systems. In addition, ANSYS provides comprehensive solutions for hydrogen storage that include aspects such as composite tank strength analysis, crash and impact, and hydrogen leakage modeling. Features include:

  • Electrochemistry modeling: Detailed electrochemistry is modeled with tight integration to electric potentials, flow, chemical species and temperature fields with fully resolved membrane, catalyst layers, gas diffusion layers, gas channels, cooling channels and current collectors.
  • Flow channel parameterization: Gas and coolant flow channels are fully resolved cooling channels and their geometry can be fully parameterized to optimize shape and location of cooling circuits.
  • Water management: Water is tracked throughout each cell
  • Structural deformation: Structural deformation of individual cell layers, as well as the entire stack can be computed coupled with the flow, thermal and electric fields.


Full model of a PEMFC stack with end plates, flow channels, catalyst layers GDL and membranes.

Density on cell Membrane

Current density on a cell membrane