High Fidelity Antenna Design

Miniaturization of antennas, limited channel bandwidth, reduced design time, and antenna interaction with other components present stiff challenges to the design engineer. Our comprehensive solution for high fidelity antenna design provides automatic, accurate, and efficient methods to overcome these challenges, making it the tool of choice for antenna simulation. Features include:

  • Automatic adaptive meshing: This key feature generates an accurate solution based on the physics or electromagnetics of the design. This automated meshing technique leaves an engineer’s focus on the antenna design rather than spending time determining and creating the best mesh.
  • Finite element method (FEM): handles complex materials and geometries involved in modern antennas efficiently
  • Integral equations (IE): employ the 3-D method of moments (MoM) technique for efficiently solving open radiation and scattering problems where currents are solved on the surface mesh
  • Hybrid FEM-IE method: combines the strengths of both FEM and IE methods by using FEM for detailed analysis of antenna elements and IE method for field propagation
  • Physical optics solver: solves electrically large problems where the currents are approximated in the illuminated regions and are zero in shadow regions
  • Transient solver: calculates electromagnetic field in space as well as time domains

Electric Field

Electric field from an antenna in and around a car

Electric field distribution 

Electric field distribution and antenna radiation far-field pattern at 1 GHz for a complete vehicle simulation according to ISO 11451-2 using the finite element method (FEM) approach