Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

Ambitious government regulations and strong customer demand for green vehicle technology such as higher-mileage vehicles, push car and truck makers to find and exploit every opportunity to make designs fuel efficient. All systems are on the table for re-engineering — body, interior, chassis, electrical, and electronics and powertrain.

Aerodynamic Optimization

Upfront aerodynamic optimization

To succeed, auto makers must reduce aerodynamic drag without sacrificing cooling and cabin quietness, reduce vehicle weight while still meeting strength and durability needs, reduce rolling resistance in innovative ways, improve combustion efficiency of engines, and deploy effective exhaust aftertreatment devices.

Structural deformation of composite door

Lightweighting with composites: Structural deformation of composite door

ANSYS comprehensive emissions modeling and simulation tools and best practices improve fuel efficiency via all these means, optimizing vehicle weight with strong and durable composites design, optimizing aerodynamic drag up-front, and downsizing and optimizing engines and powertrain subsystems.

ngine emissions 

Improving engine emissions: Full spray, chemistry and turbulence modeling