Efficient, Durable Engine Cooling Design

The ANSYS comprehensive solution for efficient, durable engine cooling design delivers a seamlessly connected CAD-to-fatigue solution for IC engine design that covers airflow, combustion, water jacket, solid conduction, conjugate heat transfer, structural strength analysis and thermal–structural fatigue. The following solvers are included:

  • Flow solvers: fast, accurate, steady-state and transient flow solvers
  • Combustion solver: ANSYS subsidiary Reaction Design’s combustion chemistry gold-standard tool — CHEMKIN — adds to the detailed combustion models delivered in ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS CFX
  • Conjugate heat transfer solver: seamless transfer of fluid and thermal loads between fluid, thermal and structural solvers
  • Structural solver: full capability, linear and nonlinear structural solver
  • Fatigue solver: advanced fatigue solver

Engine Cooling System

Comprehensive engine cooling system simulation spanning fluid, thermal, structural durability and fatigue.