Comprehensive Underhood Thermal Management

Our comprehensive underhood thermal management solution offers full accounting of radiation from hundreds of surfaces, conjugate heat transfer with hundreds of solids, and shell conduction in dozens of baffles and zero-thickness surfaces. ANSYS tools provide a variety of detailed models and submodels:

  • Flow solvers: fast, accurate, steady-state and transient flow solvers
  • Thermal solver: fully integrated  to solve conduction, convection and radiation
  • Turbulence: largest set of turbulence models in the commercial CFD sector
  • Conduction: conjugate heat transfer with hundreds of fully meshed participating solid components
  • Shell conduction: multi-layer shell conduction
  • Convection: accurate natural convection modeling with several models
  • Radiation: largest set of turbulence models in the commercial CFD sector, with discrete ordinates and surface-to-surface radiation models
  • Heat exchanger models: dual cell and macro-based; porous media models for heat exchangers and grills
  • Fan models: MRF, plane fan and sliding mesh
  • Exhaust skin temperature model
  • Meshing: fast, robust CAD-to-mesh process
  • Automation: highly customizable, scriptable and automatable process
  • Optimization: adjoint solver, parameterization and morphing
  • High-performance computing: industry-leading scalability up to 10,000+ cores
  • Structural solver: seamless coupling with fluid and thermal solvers for thermal structural durability

Robust Automatic Meshing

Accurate, robust automatic meshing

Underhood Thermal Management  

Full underhood thermal management with radiation, shell conduction, and solid conjugate