Navigating Safety of the Intended Functionality for ADAS and AV Systems


What if components ― sensors, for example ― are working as designed, but are falling short under real-world conditions and creating hazardous conditions?

A new standard, ISO/PAS 21448 (“Road vehicles — Safety of the intended functionality” (SOTIF)), identifies and addresses performance shortfalls in autonomous vehicle systems that occur even in the absence of a system failure. The SOTIF standard raises the safety bar by ensuring that all components (e.g., sensors, perception algorithms) are not only working as designed, but also appropriately designed to perform their intended function under all conditions.

This webinar will demonstrate how manufacturers can easily navigate the systematic identification, evaluation and subsequent risk mitigation of these hazards — in compliance with SOTIF — by combining Ansys medini analyze with Ansys SCADE Vision. Medini analyze identifies weaknesses and casual effects, while SCADE Vision validates perception software and automatically detects “edge cases.”


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