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Patenting Innovative Materials for Traditional Manufacturing

Using Ansys Granta Selector, we can find novel solutions to problems in traditional volume manufacturing by selecting the right materials for new, better components. We also demonstrate the Selector functionality and present a case study from industry where Ansys Granta Selector was used to select the right material for the right job, leading to patents at TME for new improved tooling designs.

Specialized tools are used in volume manufacturing for glass items. These tools are in frequent contact with hot glass and have demanding requirements for mechanical performance and thermal properties in this harsh environment. Inspected frequently and changed regularly, the tools are absolutely critical to production – avoiding tool breakage and increasing tool lifetime was key to improving process efficiency.

By changing the tool manufacturing process from standard metal forming to a 3D printing method and selecting the right alloy for the job using Ansys Granta Selector we show how it was possible for TME to double or even triple tool life and decrease tool weight without a substantial increase in tool cost.

We also include a demonstration of Ansys Granta Selector – showing you the powerful combination of intelligent materials selection and comprehensive materials data.

You will learn how to:

  • Innovate using new materials to solve problems in volume production industries while increasing tool lifetime and decreasing production cost
  • Use Granta Selector to help you ask and answer the right questions about your materials
  • Review all possible solutions with the data available at your fingertips to compare, select or export in simulation-ready form
  • Understand our MaterialUniverse dataset containing information on over 4,000 materials – complete and comparable data on the full spectrum of engineering materials, linked to specialist datasets for more in-depth assessment


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