Whether you are establishing toolpaths on 3-D geometry or constructing assembly fixtures for complex models, SpaceClaim is the best solution to help increase productivity and to get your CAD/CAM projects completed more smoothly.

The Challenge of Prepping Models for Manufacturing
Traditional history-based CAD software was developed for design engineers to create detailed models and associated documentation. When it’s time to make parts, however, its complicated constraints and internal dependencies can get in the way of getting the job done. Too often, manufacturing engineers can get caught up in the theory of CAD and lose focus on getting parts out the door. If the designs aren’t right, it can be difficult to make the changes on-the-fly. SpaceClaim makes it easy to fix problems and confirm the change with the customer.

Why SpaceClaim is Ideal for Machining
SpaceClaim is designed to let you create, edit or repair an 3-D CAD data. SpaceClaim’s unique user interface enables you to work in 3D but, but it is not a lifestyle tool like complex CAD systems. You don’t need to use SpaceClaim daily to remain proficient. Engineers who aren’t CAD specialists -- and don’t want to be -- can learn SpaceClaim in hours instead of weeks.

Repair of Geometry
SpaceClaim's automated repair tools are ideal for turning corrupt or incomplete data to usable surfaces or solids for downstream CNC use. You can focus on the toolpath creation of a model since SpaceClaim will automatically heal disjointed surfaces and repair things like holes and gaps.

Fixture and Tooling Creation
The versatile tools of SpaceClaim let you rapidly extract geometry necessary for fixturing or tooling of any objects. Use these same tools to construct solids or even extend surface edges allowing for adequate runoff in various manufacturing operations.

You'll find SpaceClaim is full of dedicated tools that propel your efforts in the extracting or preparing of geometry needed for any manufacturing application.

Key Features:

  • Open, edit, and prepare parts from any CAD system
  • Easily convert DXF/DWG files into 3D data for machining
  • Jig, fixture, tooling, and mold design
  • Optimize models by editing rounds, chamfers, hole sizes, and draft angles
  • Integrated standard parts from Traceparts or Cadenas libraries
  • Leverage strategic partnerships with CAM providers like Mastercam, GibbsCAM, Espirit, MecSoft Corporation, and SigmaTEK