Restoring faceted data integrity
SpaceClaim’s intuitive interface allows users to create, edit, and prepare models for 3D printing faster and more efficiently than before. With the STL prep module (faceted data toolkit), you can work directly with STL files as well as leverage automated many prep tools for 3D printing applications.

Intuitive workflows inquire of a faceted file’s integrity and further repair the file to a printable model. Regardless of the imperfection, such as overlapping, intersecting, or over-connected triangles, SpaceClaim's tools will rapidly and automatically heal all STL bodies so they are print ready.

Full STL Editing Capabilities
Next, solid-like operations help you ensure your faceted data is just the way you want it. Use familiar manipulation tools like Pull and Move to edit a collection of facets and change the form of the model. Boolean tools let you add or subtract surface or solid data from the faceted model, giving you further freedom to rapidly make changes.

Optimization tool mean you can smooth facets and reduce noise from a course scan of an object. Shelling and infilling help balance the strength the weight ratio, while minimizing material consumption. And finally, a series of analysis tools helps ensure your model has adequate wall thickness and overhang protection in critical areas.

The hybrid nature of SpaceClaim's STL prep module means you can combine the best of solid modeling techniques and the flexibility of its STL editing tools. You can choose which tools will get you to the optimized result you desire.

Faceted Data Capabilities:

  • Shrinkwrap dirty CAD or faceted models for rapid print-ready file creation
  • Automatic repair of dirty STL files for watertight models
  • Shell and infill models to minimize waste and improve strength
  • Decimate, normalize size, and smooth facets for better print quality
  • Rapid lap joint creation for printing of large models