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CADFEM Americas, Inc.

At CADFEM Americas we provide Engineering Services (know-how) and customized solutions to our clients. Our offerings include: Consulting, Training and Engineering Software such as Ansys, Motor-CAD, FKM (for fatigue prediction), Bolt Assessment, OptiSLang for Optimization, MoldSim, EDAiA (for Noise Prediction of Motors) and more. Our expertise are in the areas of Electromagnetics & Electric Motor Design, CFD & Heat Transfer, Stress & Stiffness Analysis, Crash & Safety, and etc.. CADFEM Americas targets various sizes of companies as vast as Fortune 100 to small local companies where each have a need to assess and optimize new designs. We have a proven track record of saving money and time for our clients by taking their designs to their markets and ensure each client avoids unnecessary testing and prototypes.

Software Brands: Ansys, Motor-CAD, optiSLang, CADFEM Software pool, i.e., eCADFEM (flexible Software licensing), FKM, Bolt Assessment, MoldSim, EDAiA, Modal Reduction & etc.

CADFEM Americas is part of CADFEM Group which has offices all around the world.

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