Each year, we select a group of interns to join Ansys industry experts in working with our software solutions and services. The 2021 Internship recruitment program is in progress, so apply now!

An internship is more than an opportunity to gain working experience — it can be the first step in a long and exciting career. But don’t take our word for it: Read what Al Hancq, Vice President, Product, at Ansys has to say about his 1994 intern experience with the company, which led to a full-time position followed by promotions.

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About the Ansys Internship Program

The best future engineers and computer scientists are currently studying hard to learn all they can to graduate from college in the next few years. We want to identify and work with these students while they are still in school to add professional experience to their portfolios. Each semester, we offer some of the best students the opportunity to feel the thrill of bringing innovation to life through simulation technology. While Ansys hosts interns around the world, we have specifically included more detail on our U.S.-based programs below.

Celebrating Ansys Interns

Our U.S. Internship Program

We make sure our interns receive challenging assignments related to their field of study by connecting them with the Ansys business unit that matches their interests. They take on entry-level roles in software development, software testing or software R&D, depending on their preferences and our needs.

Each intern works 40 hours per week for a minimum of 12 weeks. Interning for multiple semesters is a possibility for high-performing students who want to enhance their work experience and who fill a need at Ansys.

Our U.S. Co-op Program

While interns spend a summer with Ansys, co-op students alternate between school and full-time work assignments each semester for an extended real-world work experience. Beginning sophomore year and in partnership with the student’s university co-op department, students commit to three (3) semester rotations for engineers and two (2) semesters for computer science majors, working 40 hours per week. Each rotation provides new, challenging assignments to progressively develop each student’s unique technical competencies.

Program Benefits

  • Paid compensation
  • Innovative, real-world work experience
  • Instruction by industry experts
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Training and development
  • Full-time hiring consideration upon completion of internship or co-op programs

Wondering what the internship experience will be like? Here's what a few of our 2020 interns had to say:

Derek Carpenter

“Working to develop the best simulation software in the world has been an amazing learning experience. When you finally have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in school to real-world applications, you start to see what potential you have for the future… Although I have not physically met my Ansys team, I feel I am just as much a part of the team working halfway across the country.”
  — Derek Carpenter, Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas

Shriyah Shete

“I will always cherish the diversity Ansys maintains in the workforce. I liked the collaborative and friendly environment in the company and am happy that I could hone my professional skills along with the technical skills I learned at school. Every single day taught me something about Ansys, about design and about myself.”
  — Shriyash Shete, Human-Computer Interaction Design, Indiana University at Bloomington

Daphnie Friedman

“The Ansys Internship Program has given me a glimpse into multiple sides of the product development process — management, programming, marketing, etc. I have learned the importance of communication and learning from those around you. My engineering knowledge has been pushed in creative ways while exploring the new software.”
  — Daphnie Friedman, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania

Mark Smathers

“I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work for such an innovative company as Ansys during these difficult times. The fact that Ansys has been able to grow and continue to push the boundaries of simulation in the midst of a pandemic is truly inspirational and a testament to all the dedicated employees who are part of the Ansys family.”
  — Mark Smathers, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Hardik Gandhi

“From working with Ansys products at school to working for Ansys to develop new products, interning at Ansys is an irreplaceable, enriching learning experience. It was a dream come true for me.”
  —Hardik Gandhi, Mechanical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology

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