Dashing Through the Snow

RIT clean snowmobile team

Structural simulation

Part optimization using ANSYS Mechanical

"ANSYS Forte allowed the team to simulate tailpipe emissions during the design stage."

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Clean Snowmobile Challenge tasks college and university students to modify a snowmobile to make it acceptable for use in environmentally sensitive areas. A team of students from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) took on the challenge. Much of the design work involved modifying the internal combustion engine to reduce noise and decrease emissions. The team used ANSYS SpaceClaim to prepare CAD models for simulation with a special-purpose engine design program, and ANSYS Forte to simulate tailpipe emissions during the design stage, even before any camshafts were fabricated. Students used ANSYS Mechanical to ensure that a new, lighter part would work safely and reliably, while meeting competition rules. The team will employ the software for further development of emission control strategy.

Information courtesy Eric Oswald.

RIT clean snowmobile

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