Compression and Gas Moving

Demands for low power consumption and high reliability require usage of the best high fidelity simulation tools within the compressor design process. These requirements span automotive, chemical process, oil and gas, and HVAC applications, and apply to compressors, blowers, fans and turbochargers.

Oil and gas turbomachinery must provide a wider operating range and greater reliability as fossil fuels with highly variable fluid properties are extracted from greater depths and more remote locations.

Turbocharger performance requirements are similar. In addition, the small allowable package size means that the best available turbocharger simulation tools are required. Engineers must develop designs that combine high aerodynamic efficiency with outstanding durability. Success requires high-fidelity simulation in each discipline with easy cross-discipline collaboration.

ANSYS CFD and associated turbo tools enable you to develop high aerodynamic efficiency flow paths. Used in conjunction with ANSYS structural tools, high-fidelity aeromechanic analysis delivers reliable bladed components optimized for weight, strength, durability and efficiency. ANSYS rotordynamics assures machine stability, even accounting for the effects of support and housing flexibility on the rotating shaft assembly.