NICE and ANSYS provide synergic value to customers in defining their Technical Cloud strategy or Engineering innovation projects. Addressing both the Technical IT and the application/process domain, we can offer compelling long-term vision as well as pragmatic, proven end-to-end solutions.
By collaboratively embracing the customer IT challenges and processes, ANSYS can better influence the customer’s IT strategic directions, reduce IT resistance and perceived risks, speed-up decision making, project implementation and time-to-production, provide better ongoing support and get more timely insight of new business opportunities.

NICE delivers Technical Cloud Products and Solutions, to ANSYS and customers, boosting productivity, saving money on IT and enabling faster design cycles and collaboration.

NICE helps centralizing, optimizing and consolidating HPC and visualization resources while empowering distributed and mobile engineering workforces to run batch and interactive applications anywhere, with any client.

NICE also allows engineering teams around the world to collaborate by sharing application sessions over standard networks, according to the design process needs.

NICE works with ANSYS offering the following key features:

  • Cost and performance issues of workstations when processing large models
  • Security when outsourcing or collaborating on engineering and design
  • Customers save money in IT Infrastructure and increase IT productivity
  • ANSYS can also expand the status of trusted advisor on the Technical IT infrastructure strategy overall, with better visibility over the customer investments in new or competitive technologies and processes

Our Target customer are:

  • Customer using simulation in multiple locations
  • Customers with private/hybrid/public Cloud
  • Looking to consolidate or scale up their infrastructure
  • Under-using central HPC because it's too difficult / time consuming

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Countries Served

Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA, North America, South America


Nicola Venuti
Pre-sales and Lead Manager
NICE - Via Milliavacca,
9 - 14100 Asti - ITALY

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