Ensuring Extreme Reliability

A single medical device failure with a single patient can ruin your brand. Treatments should fulfill patient and clinician expectations at all times. Therefore, regulatory authorities such as the FDA continuously tighten the rules to maximize product reliability: testing new prototypes on a large cohort of patients under various conditions is critical.

ANSYS comprehensive multiphysics models reliably predict how a design will behave. From concept design onward, researchers can test a prototype in numerous situations – thus experimenting early and often, failing while changes are inexpensive to make. Systematic testing includes reproducing the simulation for a large number of patient-specific geometries and material properties, ensuring a sample representative of the target population.

For smart implantable or wearable medical products, robust electronic system design means much more than ensuring signal integrity and reliability. Electronic medical devices must incorporate reliable and safely rechargeable batteries. The specific absorption rate (SAR) must be within acceptable levels so as to not impact the patient.