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Virtual Skis for Concrete Innovations and Real Victories - Webinar

As the international winter games in PyeongChang South Korea are coming to an end it is time to reveal how leading innovators such as Skis Rossignol are accelerating and amplifying their innovations. To stay competitive year after year athletes rely on the companies who supply their world-class equipment to adopt technologies that enable fast innovation. Producing the best ski design a week after the competition ends is of no use to a potential gold medal winner. Timing is of the essence.

That is why innovators like Skis Rossignol are using the game-changing simulation tool ANSYS Discovery Live to get instantaneous simulation results early during the concept and design phase when accuracy of results is less important than having a quick but reliable ballpark idea. Join this webinar to learn how Discovery Live is helping this world-class ski manufacturer to innovate faster by testing more ideas in a much shorter timeframe.


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