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Optimizing Spray Dryer Performance Using Simulations

Spray drying is used in many industries as the preferred method to produce dry free-flowing powders from liquid mixtures/slurries. In the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, several solid dosage forms are based on microparticles. Dry powders are inhaled as aerosols into the lungs, delivered to the nose, filled into capsules or pressed into tablets for oral applications. The food industry uses spray drying to manufacture powdered drink mixes, spices, flavorings, etc.

This webinar highlights how simulations enable deep insights into the spray drying process. We will discuss how nozzle selection and design are driven by predicting droplet-size distribution, spray patterns and other variables, which are dependent on surface tension and viscosity of the liquid mixture/slurry. Additionally, we will explain why predicting the rate at which drying occurs allows for sizing of the drying chamber and informs the heating requirement of the hot gases upstream. Lastly, we will explore how simulations help engineers understand the separation process in cyclone separators.


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