GRANTA EduPack 2020

GRANTA EduPack is the new name for CES EduPack, the leading software used by educators at over one thousand universities to introduce engineering students to materials and material selection for mechanical design. Besides a fresh look for the EduPack software, GRANTA EduPack includes databases to support biomedical and design courses, and extended software functionalities to support project work.

Medical Devices Database

Connect medical device records for generic cardiovascular, dental and orthopedic products with the materials used to make them; link to specific FDA-approved examples.

Design Database

Engage engineering and design students through a visually inspiring, interactive database of products, including additional aesthetic properties.

Engineering Solver

Enable efficient materials selection for advanced projects with this industry-level tool to convert engineering requirements into material properties.

Find Similar

Find alternative materials with similar property profiles to a reference material, helping students to explore industry scenarios such as drop-in replacements.

Materials Data for Simulation

Complement teaching with simulation through this additional dataset, with broad material family coverage including magnetic materials, fluids and semiconductors.

Improved Accessibility

Enjoy a better user experience with an enhanced user interface including cleaner, modern icons. High-contrast and high-definition mode improvements are included for accessibility.


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Other new features include:

  • The Comparison Table Tool, which enables comparison of multiple candidate material datasheets side by side
  • The Selection Report Tool, which provides a quick summary of selection stages performed, to aid record-keeping for projects
  • The Enhanced Eco-Audit Tool, which is now available in all Advanced Level 3 databases
  • The Set a Reference Record Tool, which highlights a material on comparison charts when exploring alternatives