Design Impact

  • Reduces time to solution
  • Increases high-fidelity insight
  • Increases the number of design variants

ANSYS, in partnership with the University of Stuttgart and Cray Inc., has set a new supercomputing world record by scaling ANSYS Fluent to over 172,000 computer cores. Organizations can now create innovative and groundbreaking virtual prototypes of their products faster and more efficiently than ever.

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ANSYS HPC Advantages

  • Proven parallel scalability.
  • Operates at 80-plus percent efficiency — even with the highest core counts.
  • Optimized to run on the latest HPC architectures, including NVIDIA GPUs and Intel True Scale Fabric products.
  • ANSYS Fluent’s parallel meshing offers dramatic reductions in meshing time. For example, A 42- million cell mesh, using eight cores, can be meshed more than seven times faster than if a single CPU core were used. Note: This capability does not require HPC licenses.