ANSYS Maxwell Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Simulation

ANSYS Maxwell Post Processing and Fields Calculator | Tips & Tricks Webinar

14 mars 2019

10:00AM - 11:00AM (EDT)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team

Once the simulation is complete, it’s important to interpret results in a clear and meaningful way. Maxwell post-processing offers a plethora of data reporting options where default or canned options cover most of the general needs and requirements. When needs extend beyond default settings, Maxwell has additional options which provide flexibility in post-processing. A few examples include the use of streamlines, field animations, and the fields calculator to plot Named Expressions (user-defined field-based quantities that aren’t included in the default settings). You know your model inside out – how to present your simulation results clearly to your audience will depend upon the use of the default and advanced post-processing features in Maxwell --- join us for this tips and tricks session to learn more!

Presenter Bio

Deyu LiDeyu Li

Deyu is an Technical Support Engineer at ANSYS. She holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. She specializes in Power Converters, Power Electronics, Transformer, Actuator and RFID.

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