ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager

Connecting Your Teams, Data, Tools and Processes

As products have become steadily more sophisticated and simulation software has improved, engineering simulations have become numerically larger, higher in fidelity and more accurate at predicting how products will perform when exposed to multiple real-world forces. Fortunately, improvements in hardware and high-performance computing (HPC) environments have occurred simultaneously, allowing these large, complex simulations to be processed quickly — supporting the speed at which today’s product development teams need to work.

However, a significant challenge remains: How can today’s globally distributed product development teams access and share this large volume of simulation data, easily and securely? How can they support the collaborative workflows needed to pool their expertise, hand off tasks and move new product designs quickly toward market launch?

ANSYS offers a unique solution to answer this challenge — ANSYS Enterprise Knowledge Manager (EKM). ANSYS EKM is a web-enabled scalable system that enables your engineering team to manage and share simulation data, integrate heterogeneous simulation tools and create easy-to-follow workflows for your entire product development team, while providing the greatest level of data security to protect your company’s intellectual property.

ANSYS EKM delivers benefits to all levels of an enterprise, from the individual engineer interested in spending less time handling data and more time focusing on true engineering efforts, to the entire organization looking for increased productivity in the complete scope of simulation activities.


Gestión de los datos de simulación

Gestione sus datos de ingeniería y la IP de simulación completa creada por herramientas ANSYS y de terceros para garantizar la integridad, seguridad y capacidad de reutilización de los datos.

EKM Capability: Simulation Data Management
Gestión de los procesos de simulación

Capture sus procesos de simulación completos mediante plantillas para mejorar la colaboración entre múltiples usuarios y las personas con capacidad decisoria a fin de garantizar la rastreabilidad, consistencia y capacidad de reutilización y repetición.

EKM Capability: Simulation Process Management
Facilitación de HPC

EKM le permite acceder a sus clústeres de cálculo centralizados in situ mediante un navegador web. Los analistas de simulación pueden lanzar, monitorizar y controlar sus trabajos interactivos o de lotes con recursos de cálculo remoto en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar mediante HPC Gateway.

EKM Capability: HPC Enablement