Driving Speed and Reliability in Automotive Systems Engineering: The Need for a Model-Based Solution - White Paper

Few industries are as focused on safety as the global automotive business. As vehicles become smarter and more autonomous, engineers are challenged to maintain the integrity and security of hundreds of connected systems and components. The software that controls these electronics is absolutely mission-critical. A flaw in the control code can lead to relatively minor issues such as erroneous tire pressure readings or the loss of a GPS signal — but it could result in high-risk events such as braking failures or uncontrolled acceleration.

To help ensure that all systems and components will operate reliably, automotive systems engineers require an advanced, automated tool for generating and verifying software code. In today’s fast-paced, high-stakes design environment, engineering teams can no longer rely on outdated tools and processes for ensuring system integrity. Instead, they require a customized modeling solution offered by an industry leader.