ANSYS offers multiphysics analysis for 5G radio and communication systems

5G connectivity is the next technological revolution. This pervasive, ultrafast compute network will connect billions of devices with data on-demand. It will drive economic expansion in many sectors, spawn new products and services, and transform our lives as we know it.

Yet, before 5G can deliver on its promises and quality of service (QoS) metrics, wireless systems designers and engineers must overcome sizable challenges. ANSYS 5G simulation solutions empower these individuals to solve the complexities impeding device, network and data center design.

ANSYS 5G simulation solutions provide electromagnetics, semiconductor, electronics cooling and mechanical analysis tools to accurately simulate 5G radio and related technologies. The multi-solution platform leverages high-performance computing that can be deployed across the enterprise, allowing designers and engineering experts to collaborate more effectively.

Learn how ANSYS simulation solutions can help accelerate your 5G innovations to market.

Learn about ANSYS 5G simulation solutions.


  • Design Base Station

    A step-by-step workflow outlining hybrid solutions in HFSS that will help you create high-fidelity designs of phased array antennas for optimal beamforming capabilities.

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  • User Equipment

    Ansys’ 5G workflow to design antenna systems for 5G end user devices, improve their electromagnetic performance and evaluate human-device interaction.

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  • 5G Antenna Solutions

    ANSYS tools simulate antenna-to-antenna coupling and environmental effects on signal propagation to improve capacity and data rates for wireless applications.

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  • 5G System-on-Chip (SoC) Solutions

    Thermal, reliability, power-timing and electromagnetic analyses of SoCs can reveal design weaknesses, prevent system failure and increase reliability.

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  • 5G Mobile/UE Solutions

    Simulation applications include electronics thermal management, advanced RF front-end design and radio desensitization and EMI mitigation in 5G smartphones.

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  • Enabling the Next Wave of Mobile Data

    Peter A. Rabbeni, vice president, RF Business unit of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, discusses how RF EDA technologies will play a crucial role in enabling the next generation of wireless technology.

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  • What Does 5G Mean to Consumers?

    Ansys commissioned an online survey to better understand consumers’ perception of 5G technology. The sample included 16,037 adults 18-and-over from 10 countries around the world.

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"Backed by a wealth of industry knowledge — along with the powerful capabilities of ANSYS software — we're hoping to win the race and establish PHAZR as a 5G market leader."

Paul Gilliland, head of business development for PHAZR

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"Pivotal Commware addresses 5G’s new focus on subdividing space with antennas based on holographic beamforming technology."

Eric Black, chief technology officer for Pivotal Commware

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"With design costs in the tens of millions of dollars and re-spins resulting in schedule delays and missed market opportunities, eSilicon relies on ANSYS’ chip-package-system (CPS) modeling and simulation software."

Teddy Lee, signal and power integrity architect for eSilicon

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