ANSYS engineering simulation for metal industry have proved critical in helping metal producers and manufacturers balance time, price, sustainability and quality pressures. ANSYS CFD for metal industry and electromagnetic software helps improve processes, achieve cost savings and increase product quality. Solutions from ANSYS solutions including FEA for metal industry have been used in a wide range of applications specific to the metals industry, including mining, processing, modeling, forming, shaping and fabricating material.

The complete virtual prototyping capabilities of ANSYS bring together the power of best in-class simulation technology in fluid dynamics, mechanical modeling, fluid–structure interaction, and electromagnetics in an adaptive architecture. ANSYS engineering simulation for metal industry make it possible to capture and apply detailed information on the behavior of liquids, solid particles and gases, heat transfer, and solidification phenomena.

Metal industry customers leverage ANSYS solutions to enhance performance in many other aspects of their engineering, including: mining and mineral preparation, processing and refining; primary manufacturing processes; secondary processes; shaping operations; production; and enhancing structural behavior of metals.

Chemical Processing Metal

MAHLE Metal Leve used ANSYS FLUENT to verify the influence of a cyclone on the inlet flow of an air intake system.