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Simulation software is only as powerful as the people who use it. Our training services empower your team to maximize the return on your simulation software investment, enabling them to produce better products more rapidly. If you are looking for CFD training, FEA training, HFSS training, Icepak training, Maxwell training, or any other engineering simulation training, you will find what you need in our repertoire of courses.

Taught By Experts with Experience in Your Field
Our training classes are designed and delivered by ANSYS experts from the ANSYS Customer Excellence (ACE) team, who have seen and solved a vast array of engineering simulation challenges, some  likely to be similar to yours. Our highly skilled technical team, with over 450 Ph.D.’s, has trained more than 16,000 end users of ANSYS Software. They will transfer their expertise and experience to you as part of the instruction delivered.

Based on A Proven Curriculum
Through decades of experience we have developed a proven curriculum that maximizes learning and retention, and is optimized to best utilize time spent in each class. The courses provide the theory behind the engineering simulation solvers, critical for understanding and interpreting the results generated. Knowing the meaning of the key input values and the use of best practices for problem set-up and result analysis greatly accelerates productivity. Hands-on exercises provide familiarity with the product and lead to quick and confident adoption.

Meets Your Unique Training Requirements
ANSYS training is available through a number of flexible offerings to best meet your requirements. We conduct the classes in a live classroom or through a virtual classroom with a live instructor, in a public or private setting. The courses are available in a number of cost-effective options such as individual classes, subscription to unlimited classes, or bulk purchase of classes.

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Know what type of class you’re looking for? Use the ANSYS Course Locator to check availability and sign up.

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Unlimited access to all public training courses for a named individual. Subscriptions are the ideal way to take advantage of continuous ongoing training. For more details, see:

ANSYS Learning Hub Subscriptions

How to Buy Training

ANSYS training can be purchased through several different methods to suit the needs of every customer. I you have any questions click on the button FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US at the bottom of this page.

One Class at a Time

With the buy-as-you-go model, you can locate the course you want to take by Discipline or the ANSYS COURSE LOCATOR and click on the REGISTER button to reserve your place in the class.

Private training is offered to customers requiring training services outside the standard Live or Virtual Classroom setting.  An example of a private training class could be a standard ANSYS class for a group of ANSYS users delivered in a private virtual classroom, at an ANSYS office, or at their work location. A private training could also include customized content for the students attending the private training class. For more information please contact 

Advanced Bulk Purchase

Live, virtual and private training can be purchased in advance with a Bulk Purchase in the form of a number of training days. For more information, or if you have questions, click on the FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US button at the bottom of this page.