Leveraging Big Compute for Aerodynamics Shape Optimization


While most companies rely on local workstations and/or in-house high-performance computing (HPC) clusters for their engineering simulation workflows, there is a gradual shift toward cloud computing. Many are now adopting private enterprise cloud environments and external HPC cloud services to perform large and complex simulations.

ANSYS partners with Gompute, a leading HPC cloud services provider, to help you create a private CAE cloud solution or expand your compute capacity with on-demand access to its cloud platform. In this webinar, learn to run your ANSYS simulations in the Gompute cloud — featuring 3D remote visualization over high latency links and large data transfers.

KeelWit Technology, a Spanish engineering company, will share how it is leveraging Gompute’s cloud platform to optimize aerodynamic shapes. KeelWit will present its optimization methodology and proprietary algorithm — an automatic, flexible and robust routine that is applicable to many fields in which cloud HPC use is key. KeelWit’s methodology is directly applicable in many areas, including the inlet duct design of industrial boilers used in combined cycle power plants, the design of closed wind tunnels for indoor skydiving and the design of energy-efficient, next-generation waterslides for fun parks.


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