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Solving Complex Phased Array and Radar Cross Sections Using Ansys HFSS

Antennas and phased arrays are the precision determining factors in communication and detection, especially in the aerospace and defense sector. Most of the antennas are complex to meet stringent specifications due to complicated operating conditions, such as installation on an aircraft, ship, spacecraft, etc.

This webinar provides a brief description of Ansys HFSS and how it is used for complex antenna design. We demonstrate how to solve complex antennas using new 3D component array technology with fewer computer resources and time. How the hybrid solver technology inside HFSS (FEM, IE, PO, SBR+) addresses the installed antenna problem is also highlighted. HFSS is further extended to validate radar performance, allowing you to check the detection capability of the system.

Topics Include

  • Antennas
  • Antenna arrays
  • Installed antenna analysis
  • Radar simulation to detect targets


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