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Accelerating the Aerospace & Defense Digital Transformation with FACE and ARINC 661 Avionics Standards

Facing an increasingly competitive, threat-filled environment, aerospace and defense companies must digitally transform to deliver radical innovation. Complex software requirements (including safety and security), and emerging initiatives associated with model-based engineering and open system architectures can make it difficult to manage cost and schedule constraints. Traditional approaches are becoming less effective and may raise knowledge transfer obstacles, resulting in difficult or impossible-to-maintain designs. In this webinar, we will focus on a key enabler for developing your companies’ model-based systems engineering (MBSE) framework in compliance with standards promoting open avionics environments and interoperability: model-based software development tools.

As part of a global MBSE workflow, the system and software architecture, components, and design requirements must be properly defined and efficiently tested. In order to operate at the highest level of safety and meet DO-178C requirements for avionics software certification, software designers and developers will need to leverage model-based development tools for high-reliability embedded control, display and human-machine interface applications. This webinar will demonstrate how Ansys SCADE supports efficient embedded software development in accordance with DO-178C (up to DAL-A) along with FACE™ and ARINC 661, in order to efficiently develop portable and reusable avionics applications. Model-based techniques, qualified code generation and test automation features also enable streamlined design, verification and validation, decreasing the total avionics software development effort by as much as 50%.


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