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Addressing the Challenges of the Design of Hypersonic Vehicles with Simulations

The recent surge in interest in hypersonic technology has highlighted the need to accurately and efficiently simulate these complex flow-fields using simulation tools. Computer simulations for the design and analysis of hypersonic vehicles are critical as it is often impossible to reproduce the high-Mach number, high-enthalpy conditions experienced at the high speeds of these vehicles in a wind tunnel.

Simulating the hypersonic flow regime with CFD tools presents several challenges, ranging from the accurate modeling of complex physical phenomena, such as compressibility effects, shock-boundary layer interaction, high temperatures, dissociation and ionization of air, ablation of solid surfaces and, ultimately, magnetohydrodynamics effects, to the stabilization of the numerical algorithms used to solve the governing equations.

In this on-demand webinar we will show how Ansys tools are used to simulate high speed flows and to design hypersonic vehicles, by highlighting the capabilities of the CFD and multiphysics tools and by showing select case studies.


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