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Case Study

ANYWAVES Uses Ansys Simulation Software to Develop Next-Generation Miniature Antennas

ANYWAVES is a French equipment manufacturer that develops miniature antennas for satellite constellations. Some of these revolutionary antennas are manufactured using cutting-edge, ceramic 3D printing technology patented by the company.

Thanks to this unique expertise, the Toulouse-based startup has the ability to produce bespoke and ready-made miniature antennas for all types of satellites. With customers across the globe, ANYWAVES aims to become the world leader of miniature antennas for the satellite constellation market.

The ANYWAVES team needed a solution to model and simulate complete antennas to reduce time-consuming and costly physical testing phases. The Ansys Startup program enabled the company to access Ansys simulation software, which the team used to quickly deploy its first operational models.

Now, ANYWAVES relies on Ansys multiphysics digital simulation software, including Ansys Mechanical and Ansys HFSS, to digitally test antennas in thousands of scenarios and meet its rapid development and cost goals.


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