Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality

Significantly Elevate Final Product Quality with True to Life Visual Experience

Predicting and validating the impact of lighting, colors and materials variations on product appearance to achieve the optimal perceived quality remains a critical requirement for accurate product design. Enabling faster design decision making for virtual prototypes, Ansys VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality provides a physics-based, real-time solution for design evaluation. Delivering the ultimate virtual customer experience, its accurate visual renderings are the perfect way for designers, stylists and engineers to view the exact appearance of their future products within a fully immersive virtual environment. By ensuring that lighting, materials and finish combinations are aesthetically pleasing and highly precise, you can maximize perceived quality without increasing cost.

Benefit from a Fast End-to-End Design Process

Benefit from a fast end to end design process

VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality helps you create virtual prototypes from 3D formats — including any native CAD format — onto which optical properties can be applied. It also exchanges data with Ansys SPEOS to easily prepare virtual models. Simply export and import light and material components to and from the Ansys optical library or Ansys SPEOS.

VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality visualizations are experienced in any virtual reality (VR) system, in 3D, with guaranteed 1:1 scale, 1:1 color and 1:1 luminance. This empowers you to detect issues and make optimal design decisions based on a reliable virtual mock-up. VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality, enables design and engineering teams to regularly review virtual prototypes across the product design cycle and make informed decisions derived from accurate, predictive physics-based visualization.

Leverage Predictive Simulation to Deliver Highly Accurate Renderings

Leverage predictive simulation to deliver highly accurate renderings

VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality interfaces with SPEOS lighting simulation, bringing physics-based light simulation to studio designers. Based on the physics of light, VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality provides a “what you see is what you get” solution. Its predictive simulations drive highly accurate renderings generated by precise optical propagation capabilities which are certified against reality.

VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality offers scalable spectral and physics-based rendering with optimized calculations for the best tradeoff between accuracy and interactivity:

  • Interactive VR
  • 360-degree VR offline simulation with dynamic lighting control
  • Raytracing for reflection simulation
  • SPEOS Live Preview for 100% true to life optical simulation

Test and Validate Your Product Design in Context

Test and validate your product design in context

VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality helps you instantly test and compare several design intents for materials and lighting while validating engineering choices against design specifications. Additionally, it enables you to validate any lighting and material combinations in lifelike conditions for achieving your optimal design. VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality also detects potential visual defects and visual ergonomic issues in context, early in the process.

VRXPERIENCE Perceived Quality in Action

Visual Ergonomics Assessment

Visual Ergonomics Assessment: Assess visual ergonomics early in your design process, anticipating reflection, screen washout and visibility issues.

Early Lit Aspect Review

Early Lit Aspect Review: Perform early lit aspect explorations of complex optical elements to ensure the feasibility of your design intent using a fully physics-based lit rendering.

Global Interior Lighting Evaluation

Global Interior Lighting Evaluation: Explore, create and validate a compelling interior lighting scenario with a fully physics-based simulation and dynamic lighting.