CFD Product Comparison

ANSYS CFD Premium and ANSYS CFD Enterprise provide the best fluid dynamics simulation capabilities in simple packages that are tailored to each user. The table below compares the features contained in  these packages as well as what is available individually.

ANSYS CFD Premium — Experienced engineers need to go further and faster with well-validated CFD results across a wide range of general and multiphysics applications. This serious CFD bundle includes ANSYS CFX and ANSYS Fluent for fast results with industry-leading accuracy and robustness.

ANSYS CFD Enterprise — Designed for experts who need to solve the toughest problems, this comprehensive simulation package includes everything in ANSYS CFD Premium plus specialty solvers and analysis software to deliver the fastest, most accurate results across the widest array of applications, all the time, without compromise.

ANSYS Chemkin Enterprise — Provides solvers for fast, accurate combustion and reaction flow simulations bundled into a single license.

  Order Individually ANSYS CFD Premium ANSYS CFD Enterprise ANSYS Chemkin Enterprise
Fluent Solver
General CFD
CFX Solver
General CFD and Turbomachinery
In Flight Icing
ANSYS Chemkin-Pro
Chemistry and reacting flows
IC Engine Combustion
ANSYS Model Fuel Library
Accurate fuel combustion mechanisms
CFD for polymer, glass, metals and cement processing
ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler  
CFD PrepPost
Geometry Prep, Meshing, Post Processing
Includes BladeGen, BladeEditer, 1D Vista tools
Parameter Optimization
ANSYS Customization Suite
Application Creating and Sharing
Analyse, visualize and communicate your simulation results
EnSight EnSight Enterprise EnSight Enterprise 
High Performance Computing
Additional cores
4 Cores 4 Cores 4 Cores