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K-Epsilon is the developer of K-FSI, an fluid-structure interaction (FSI) coupling package designed to handle strongly-coupled, dynamic FSI problems in a rapid and robust manner. The K-FSI package is based around the structural solver K-Struct. K-struct is tightly coupled to Ansys Fluent which enables strongly-coupled FSI problems such as sails and other difficult, lightweight structures to be handled efficiently, with a minimal of fluid and structure iterations. K-Struct, the dynamic finite element structure solver at the heart of K-FSI offers a range of structure elements including:

  • Advanced membrane element formulation
  • Shell
  • Beam
  • Cable
  • Contact/sliding
  • Constraints

The K-Struct solver and K-FSI suite has benefited from numerous validations campaigns for both membrane structures and offshore subsea pipelines, risers and jumpers.
The structure and fluid interfaces are not restricted to have similar discretizations. This frees the user to use a variety of elements such as beams or point bodies for the fluid-structure interface. In contrast, many competing couplages require matching discretizations for the fluid and structure interface, limiting the analysis choices of the user.

A strong couplage suite is complemented by K-Epsilon’s extensive expertise in FSI problems. With 15 years both developing and consulting with K-FSI, K-Epsilon can provide you both the support and practical FSI expertise to tackle your FSI case. A nimble development path means that enhancements can be rapidly incorporated to suite your needs. K-Epsilon can provide you training from our experts, tailored to your specific problem domain. We can help build up your competence in strongly-coupled FSI by a flexible mix of training, consulting, and support so that you gain confidence in using FSI in your engineering process.

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