Reporting Errors

Always inform an ANSYS channel partner or technical support staff member when you discover errors in any ANSYS product.

When reporting an error, describe it as specifically as possible. The more you can tell your support contact and the more details you provide, the faster we can diagnose and solve the problem. You also can help your support contact and us by following these tips:

  • Document the circumstances that produced the error. For example, how was your ANSYS environment configured when the error occurred?
  • What type of analysis were you doing? What analysis options were active? What did you do (or what happened) immediately before the error occurred?
  • Try to reproduce the error and save output data if possible. Forward the data to your support contact along with your input file and error report.
  • Tell your support contact about any temporary workarounds you found for the error.
  • Tell your support contact if the analysis that produced the error differed in any way from similar analyses that ran without problems.