Error Notification

Errors, though undesirable, are inevitable in software products as large and as complex as ANSYS products. Even the most rigorous product tests do not always catch every error before an ANSYS product ships. ANSYS, Inc.'s policy is to correct product errors and/or notify customers about the errors and provide workarounds as rapidly as possible.

Error Reporting and Resolution

Anyone can report an error in ANSYS products. Once an error is reported or found, the resolution process begins. If a customer reported the error, ANSYS will notify the customer when it's resolved.

Class 3 errors, which may cause the program to yield incorrect results that are not obviously faulty, produce immediate action.

We send Class 3 error reports to holders of our Quality Assurance Agreements within two working days after we complete them and by certified mail at the end of each quarter. We also post all Class 3 error reports on the customer area of the ANSYS home page within two working days after their completion. In addition to investigating Class 3 error reports, the Corporate Quality Manager issues Quality Assurance Notices when appropriate; these contain information that we deem as important to all ANSYS product users. For information on obtaining ANSYS Class 3 error reports and Quality Assurance Notices, contact Bonny Chappell at

Special Versions

To minimize the impact of errors on customers between releases of our products, ANSYS occasionally issues special versions of the products that include customer-requested error corrections. Special versions also may include system-specific program modifications to address changes in hardware and operating systems. The Corporate Quality department must approve the release of all special versions, assuring acceptance criteria is met before the special version ships to customers.