2020 ANSYS Fluids R1: Enhancements & Updates

09 April 2020

11:30 AM (IST)




Ansys 2020 R1 empowers Ansys Fluent users to deliver great results in less time and with less training than ever before. With easy-to-use, task-based meshing workflows and Mosaic technology — coupled with Fluent’s CFD solvers — users can run robust computational fluid dynamics analyses more efficiently.

Ansys Fluent is easier to use

A streamlined workflow enables any user to set up complex, multiphase simulations in Fluent. A single- tabbed panel organizes multiphase setup into a logical, step-by-step flow that even novice users can follow. For a benchmark gas–liquid pipe flow simulation, the new multiphase setup is 25% faster and eliminates the need to find and interact with 17 separate software locations.

Significant Enhancements:

  • AIAD model accurately simulates complex multiphase regime transitions
  • Detailed electrochemistry model optimizes lithium-ion battery cells
  • Ansys CFX Harmonic Analysis is 2X faster and expanded to multifrequency analysis
  • Complex fluid–structure interactions are faster and easier to set up and solve

Hear from our experts about the latest enhancements to Ansys Fluent.

Who Should Attend:

  • CAE Engineers
  • CAE Analysts
  • Design Engineers
  • Design Managers
  • Project Leaders/Project Managers


Seeta Gunti holds a master’s degree in applied mechanics from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai. She has 12-plus years of experience in computational fluid dynamics, and eight years at Ansys. Her areas of interest include battery modeling, heat transfer and turbulence modeling in Ansys Fluent. At Ansys, she is responsible for helping battery modeling customers across India, in addition to providing other technical support, training and services.


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