Accelerating ANSYS Simulations in the UberCloud

21 November 2018

11.30 AM - 12.30 PM (IST)




Cloud services have revolutionized many business processes. However, until recently, the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) world was reluctant to adopt cloud computing due to technological barriers. UberCloud has created unique engineering application containers that resolve many of these barriers. Our UberCloud containers enable engineers to access their favorite simulation applications in the cloud, benefiting from vast hardware resources and flexible licensing. UberCloud containers’ full graphical user interface also permit interactive pre- and post-processing in full HD-quality, even while running computations. Our intuitive, easy-to-use containers are pre-configured with ANSYS applications so that you can be immediately productive. 
This webinar will cover the benefits of running ANSYS applications in the cloud. You will also learn how Sravan Kumar and Marc Horner from ANSYS analyzed and optimized a bioreactor design in the Azure Cloud, how Fluent and DesignXplorer streamlined the set-up and execution of Design of Experiments analyses, and how cloud-based HPC speeds up the simulations in a cost-effective manner.
Join this webinar to find out how you can benefit from the flexibility of cloud computing and accelerate your ANSYS simulations with this high performance and cost-efficient solution.
Webinar participants will get a free one business day trial in the cloud (free trial is available only for webinar attendees and covers 8 hours of cloud services with ANSYS CFD and Mechanical licenses).