Modeling Sprays

Speed Up CFD Spray Simulations Using the New VOF to DPM Multiphase Model

28 August 2018

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (IST)




Sprays are important for many practical applications. Several methods (full resolution, empirical, calibration, etc.) are available for modeling sprays. In this webinar, a hybrid approach which include VOF and Lagrangian tracking will be presented. At the fully resolved scales, the dynamically evolving phase interface is tracked using a VOF approach and in a region of the flow, where the phase interface geometry can no longer be resolved adequately, separated small scale liquid structures are described using Lagrangian particle tracking approach. These two approaches are coupled such that it identifies tracked liquid candidate structures, removes them from the resolved Eulerian description and inserts them into the Lagrangian description preserving position, mass, momentum, and lower order shape. 

The approach has been validated for industrially relevant nozzle configurations such as pressure swirl atomizer and liquid jet in cross flows. Join us for the webinar to learn more.